Salzburg, are you ready for Art Date evening?

This is a low threshold (entry-level/open for all) Art Date evening for anyone who has not been on my course yet! This a group course, and it’s held at my home studio.

We will explore acrylic inks based on basics of image elements. You won’t need any previous experience or any artistic skills. Teaching and communication is in english.

Complimentary wine and soft drinks will be available!

Upcoming events:
No new dates planned.


Fee 8€ material cost.

Minimum of 4 participants, maximum of 7 participants.

At Franz-Josef-Straße, Salzburg, Austria

If you have any questions of my courses or you would want me to see what course would fit your needs the best, mail me:

Or if you don’t have any questions fill in the form and I will confirm the seat reservation.

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