Artist Statement.

My mother always wanted to be a Gardener and my father always wanted to move abroad. Either of them never fulfilled either of those dreams. As a teenager I made a decision that I will do things I dream of, so I moved abroad when I was 19-years old and I’ve drawn flowers ever since.

I am a bit of an restless soul. I have lived in Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, Finland and now in Austria. It’s hard for me to feel rooted or to feel belonging. I rather not get attached to people, but I’m very attached to some things that have followed me through all these places. I’m also very attached to illusion of this Finland that still has stayed the same as in my childhood memories.

My work represents this nostalgia for those memories. It represents the esthetic I learned by watching Moomins when I was a child and the quiet finnish folks.

Often, when I work, I might realise the connection with past and present. These moments and realizations help me to move on and develop new.


I have been born and raised in Orimattila, Finland.
Currently working and living in Salzburg, Austria.


University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
2016-2017 Master of Arts

Raffles Design Academy, Singapore
2011-2012 Master of Design

Hansenberg Nordic Multimedia academy, Kolding, Denmark
2006-2009 Post graduate

Lahti College of Arts and Crafts, Lahti, Finland
2002-2005 Artisan

Art Director / Marketing and Communications specialist
Apr 2013- Dec 2015, Oulu, Finland

Art Director / Graphic Designer
Mar 2008-Mar 2011, Locations: Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden
In Touch A/S


Art Linnakallio Goes Baana Symposium
2019, Kempele, Finland

Competition price: HKL metro station artwork
2018, Mellunmäki Helsinki, Finland

Brain Capacity mural
2014, Linnasaari Oulu, Finland


Toinen tuleminen
2016, Valkee Oulu, Finland

Graphic pop-up
2014, Tuba Oulu, Finland

Siunattu yksinäisyys
2014, Design Valkea Oulu, Finland


Summer Academy of Fine Arts
2020, Festung Salzburg, Austria

KUŠ!: THE LAST MATCH – the largest small exhibition
2013, Urban culture centre Kino Šiška Ljubljana, Slovakia

Taidekeskus Taarasti yhteisnäyttely
2013 Nastola, Finland


NIETOS – Lapin kansan synty

Veera K. Workshops
Started on 15.5.2019 – still on going.
Salzburg, Austria

Street Art workshop for slum kids
June 2017 – August 2017
Koseli school, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contemporary Art Workshop in Ludwig Museum
Ludwig Museum, Budapest Hungary

Street Art workshop for teens
Nuorisoseura, Kemi, Finland

International Summer Academy, class of Noële Ody and Toni Schmale, Salzburg, AT