I am Veera Komulainen. Art Educator, Illustrator and Designer.
Loving mountains, sunny mornings and Masala tea.

I have graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore, Master of Arts, Graphic Design program in 2012. And in end of 2017 I have graduated from University of Lapland, Master of Arts, with Art Educator degree. More about my background you can find from my CV.

Image/Kuva: Lehtikuva // Noora Vaarala

Being Professional
I have broad knowledge of art and media and I have worked on many different creative industries to allow myself to develop. I am creating constantly on different mediums, from street art to commercial use.  I take a great pride of the things that I create and do.

Evolving all the time
I am not perfect in everything I do, but I know how to evolve and look for information of the needed matters. My ideology is that human evolves and develops all his/hers life. I get excited of many things, I set goals for my self constantly and I am trying to develop to be the best possible version of myself. 

Being unique
Important for me is that teacher can be seen as a human, with flaws and personal characters. Teacher don’t need to know everything and failure is part of life. This attitude helps students to relax and follow on positive behavior.