Do you have a clear idea what you would like to work on, but maybe you are missing a space or just want to socialize with like-minded people? This plan is perfect for you!

Take your project with you to a shared space in the centre of Salzburg! I am happy to help you through your process, but no formal teaching is included.


If you are interested, please let me know the dates you would like to work at my studio!

5h / 30€ – only 6€ for an hour.

Once a week. Sign up for 2 weeks at a time.


Supplied by the workshop: graphite, magazines, tracing paper, erasers, sketching paper, pencils, tape, glue, scissors, acrylic paint (black, white, blue, yellow, red), sketching paper, pencils, tape, brush wipes, paper towels, scanner and water jars.

Additional information
Location: Franz-Josef-Straße, Salzburg, Austria

Complimentary soft drinks will be available. Maximum of 8 participants, minimum of 1 participants. The studio is shoes-off, so bring socks or slippers if you can. Also my dog Ketsu might join sometimes our workshop.

If you have any questions of my courses or you would want me to see what course would fit your needs the best, mail me:
Once you sign up I will send you an invoice via Paypal or email. Please let me know the desired payment method and course name in a comment field.

Comment field: 1. Course name 2. Payment method (PayPal or Invoice via email) 3. Starting date (And count 2 sessions forward). You can sign up again for the next 2 weeks if you want to continue after the first month.


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