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Let your creativity flow!

Learn to use different techniques and find your unique drawing style. Drawing is intimidating when it is taught in the traditional realistic style. We are drawing people, buildings and animals in a non-scary way!

Materials and techniques to explore are graphite, illustration markers, coloured pencils and mixed media. You will learn basic techniques, basics of color theory and composition. And how to use them in your own art pieces.


On the following dates
(Dates have been updated on 02.05!)
Mon 13.5 18:00-20:30
Thu 23.5 18:00-20:30
Thu 6.6 18:00-20:30
Thu 13.6 18:00-20:30
Thu 27.6 18:00-20:30
Thu 4.7 18:00-20:30
Thu 11.7 18:00-20:30

17,5h / 145€ – only 8,3€ for an hour.

At 18:00-20:30 for 7 weeks total.


Supplied by the workshop: graphite, magazines, tracing paper, erasers, sketching paper, pencils, tape, glue and scissors. Also there’s complimentary white wine, tea and soft drinks.

What you will need to get: Illustration markers (3 sizes), coloured pencils in any amount wanted (akvarell pencils are good too) and 200g paper.

Additional information
Franz-Josef-Straße, Salzburg, Austria.
Taught by Veera Komulainen, with degrees of Master of Arts, Art Education and Master of Design.

Complimentary tea, white wine and soft drinks will be available. Maximum of 8 participants, minimum of 3 participants.

The studio is shoes-off, so bring socks or slippers if you can. Also my dog Ketsu might join sometimes our workshops.

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