We meet at my art studio and show you some of the polymer clay earrings and what you can create. Next, I will take you through terrazzo technique and marbling technique you’ll be using today – then you start to create your unique earrings.

You’ll choose the shape, colours and style yourself! You will create two different earrings, a pair with hanging hook and another pair with studs. You will also receive a pair of tassels if wanted to spice up your earring design. I will offer my help with every step and give my insight in a friendly and relaxed setting. And, at the end of the workshop, you’ll have two earring sets to take home with you.

Pick one date and time!
31.7. Friday at 16:00-20:00
28.8 Friday at 16:00-20:00

3,5h / 60€

Supplied by the workshop: All you need for creating polymer clay earrings, stainless steel jewellery parts and decorative tassels. When you arrive everything you need will be laid out for you – clay, protective boards, knives, hooks and other supplies.

Why to choose my workshops
– small group size
– personal instruction
– inspirational and relaxed atmosphere
– meet other expats + english speakers living or travelling in Salzburg
– take new artistic skills with you!

Additional information
Franz-Josef-Straße, Salzburg, Austria.
Taught by Veera Komulainen, with degrees of Master of Arts, Art Education and Master of Design. To get to know me better go to my bio.

Maximum of 7 participants, minimum of 5 participants.

Since AirBnb does not provide experience service right now, you can book directly by e-mailing: hello@veerakomulainen.com

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If you have any questions of my courses or you would want to book a private session, please email: hello@veerakomulainen.com

Once you sign up I will send you an invoice via email. If there’s not enough attendees, the amount will be fully refunded. And remember to read terms and conditions!