On this intensive course, you’ll find out how to work with old printing technique. Whether you have previous experience of printing techniques or not; we will deep dive into carving and press printing and you will get beautiful and unique art pieces to your home.

On this workshop I will share my wisdom, expertise and tips from one of my favourite art form, Lino Carving. To prepare for the course you can sketch some themes or take your old drawings with you that you would like to produce into Lino prints. Only for ages 15 years and up since working with Lino plates needs some strength.

In a nutshell: Linocut is a relief printmaking technique similar to woodcut. An image is created by carving into a sheet of linoleum with appropriate linocut tools. The surface of the carved plate is then inked with a rubber ink roller and impressed onto paper by hand burnishing or with an etching press.

Choose from timetable (Weekend workshop OR Three week workshop) and let me know in comments which one you will attend.

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Weekend Workshop
Fri 28.6 17:00-19:00 2h
Sat 29.6 10:00-15:00 5h
Sun 30.6 10:00-15:00 5h

Total of 12h / 140€
At Franz-Josef-Straße, Salzburg, Austria

Supplied by the workshop: Linopress, carving tools, printmaking inks, rubber ink rollers, basic printmaking papers, carving holders, pens, tracing paper, erasers, sketching paper, scissors.

You will only need some cash for linoleum plates and for quality Lino papers.

Additional information
Franz-Josef-Straße, Salzburg, Austria
Taught by Veera Komulainen, with degrees of Master of Arts, Art Education and Master of Design.

Complimentary tea and soft drinks will be available; morning sessions include some pastries too. Maximum of 8 participants, minimum of 3 participants.

The studio is shoes-off, so bring socks or slippers if you can. Also my dog Ketsu might join sometimes our workshop.

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