Art Journaling with Veera K

Get tips on drawing and painting techniques, while at the same time creating an Art Journal. Reflecting your daily life with hopes, fears, and frustration will help you to deal with inner peace. There are multiple studies how only 45 minutes of drawing and painting reduces cortisol levels and lessens the stress. So making art is actually, factually, good for the body, mind and soul.

Whether you are discovering (or rediscovering) your creativity, or you've been painting and drawing for years, art journaling can be an amazing tool for self-discovery and to cultivate your creativity.

What will I learn?

Techniques we will research and cover are how to make visual typography (that's not your handwriting), how to draw human faces, landscapes and how to make collages. How to use brushes in innovative ways.
You will explore how pattern making can create moods and have strong visual effects. In total this course will last seven weeks, with four assignment or a teaching session per week.

Why Journaling?

This workshop will be reflecting your life, journaling by using art, and it will be a memory for you of this time. Just like realistic paintings were reflecting a time before photographs existed.

At the end of the course, you will have illustrated at least 28 unique spreads or pages of your daily life. Everyone's journal will be different.

What is this course's project?

Your own Journal reflects the time period of the upcoming 7 weeks (minimum). You can share your assignments in the Facebook group / workshop comment field / instagram with tags @veera.noir and #artwithveerak and talk about your feelings, happy moments and "you-time". Sharing will always help!

First step.

You will start this course by gathering all your brushes, pencils, pens, colours and papers; you don't need to buy anything new for this course. Just use what you have, creativity is not based on supplies or medium. Everything you can find from your home is enough! Decide what you will use as your journal, is it your notebook or paper. Put everything into a pretty box to store them together so it's easy for you to start!

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