If you love to be outdoors, are into journaling or just want to draw Salzburg’s amazing scenery this six week long weekly course is for you! We will go through the basics of architectural drawing techniques, mountain painting and people drawing.

After this course you can easily draw any scenery and start your own journaling journey! This course is good for beginners as well as experienced drawers.

Upcoming dates
Thu 5.9 17:00-20:00
Thu 12.9 17:00-20:00
Thu 19.9 17:00-20:00
Thu 26.9 17:00-20:00
Thu 3.10 17:00-20:00
Thu 10.10 17:00-20:00

18 hours / 160€
At 17:00-20:00 for 6 weeks total.

What you will need to get: Pencils, erasers, ruler, sketching block/journal, watercolour, watercolouring paper, take away water brushes, ink pens and colouring pens.


Why to choose my workshops
– small group size
– personal instruction
– inspirational and relaxed atmosphere
– meet other expats + english speakers living or travelling in Salzburg
– take a bunch of new artistic skills with you!

Additional information
Changing locations in Salzburg, Austria.
Taught by Veera Komulainen, with degrees of Master of Arts, Art Education and Master of Design. To get to know me better go to my bio.

Maximum of 12 participants, minimum of 3 participants.

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If you have any questions of my courses or you would want to book a private session, please email: hello@veerakomulainen.com

Once you sign up and we have 3 participants to join this course I will send you an invoice via email. And remember to read terms and conditions!