Let’s go people watching together! Learn to use different techniques to see shapes in faces and find your unique drawing style. We will play drawing games, go outdoors to see characteristics of people and learn to make unique illustrations.

In this course we will also do gouache painting where you have a change to develop your colour usage in non traditional way! I have been teaching people drawing  courses in Finland and this is one of my favourite courses since participants will progress so much in a short period of time.


Three Week Workshop
Mon 17.6 17:30-20:30 3h
Mon 1.7 17:30-21:00 3,5h
Mon 8.7 17:30-21:00 3,5h

10h / 90€
Supplied by the workshop: graphite, magazines, tracing paper, erasers, sketching paper, pencils, tape, glue, scissors, acrylic paint (black, white, blue, yellow, red), sketching paper, pencils, tape, brush wipes, paper towels and water jars.

You will need gouache paints, watercolour paper and different size brushes.

Additional information
Location: Franz-Josef-Straße, Salzburg, Austria
Taught by Veera Komulainen, with degrees of Master of Arts, Art Education and Master of Design.

Complimentary tea and soft drinks will be available; morning sessions include some pastries too. Maximum of 8 participants, minimum of 3 participants.

The studio is shoes-off, so bring socks or slippers if you can. Also my dog Ketsu might join sometimes our workshop.

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