Company Commissioned illustrations

Illustrations that have been made together with agencies.

Design Talo, Asuntomessut (Yearly held, largest housing fair in Finland) Hyvinkää

DesignTalo is Finnish house manufacturer, that’s specialized to high end  wooden houses. Order from Mainonnan Työmaa.


The task was to illustrate the ongoing fair map and place only DesignTalo houses on the map, so that visitor can find them more easily.


The look and feel
I used only DesignTalo own brand colours in the illustrations, also capturing good feeling and playfulness.


Area Map for Design Talo. Used in all of the DesignTalo material at Hyvinkää Asuntomessut 2013, Finland.

Published in following magazines:
Seura nro 28 & 29, 2013
Apu nro 28 & 29, 2013
Unelmien talo & koti nro 8, 2013
Avotakka nro 7, 2013
Kodinrakentaja nro 6, 2013

Client: DesignTalo
Co-operation with: Mainonnan Työmaa, Oulu, Finland