Weekly courses spring 2020

Painting Watercolour - Six weeks

After this course, you will feel more confident with watercolour as a medium and you can produce beautiful watercolour art pieces. Each week we will complete a painting from start to finish.

15 hours / 160€

Painting Watercolour Advanced - Six weeks

This workshop suits the ones who have been exposed to the medium of watercolour and want to extend their knowledge to the next level. After this course you will have better understanding of your own artistic voice.

15 hours / 160€

Acrylic Painting - Six weeks

In six weeks, you will create art pieces and be able to discover new ways to express yourself. You will learn what is acrylic painting, techniques, personal help to find your voice and a cozy environment to create.

18 hours / 190€

Acrylic Advanced - Six weeks

After this course you will have understanding of different acrylic mediums, gels and pastes. This workshop extends your artistic knowledge to the next level.

18 hours / 190€

Linocut - Five weeks

On this five week long course, you’ll find out how to work with fun printing technique. Whether you have previous experience of printing techniques or not; we will deep dive into carving and press printing and you will get beautiful and unique art pieces to your home.

15 hours / 160€

Live Painting and Drawing - Five weeks

If you love to draw from live; scenery, still life or a real model, this five week long weekly course is for you! You can choose what medium you use or change medium by your liking.

12,5 hours / 140€