‘Kuin Sieniä Sateella’

November 21-3.12.2022
Solo-Exhibition at Galerie Pleiku, Berlin, Germany


“The works presented in Gallery Pleiku are derived from a theme of a human in the forest. How a craze for collecting mushrooms can also create a connection to man’s origin, roots, and thus to the basics.

The sculpture installation ‘Kuin sieniä sateella, (trans. Like mushrooms in the rain) is inspired by the mushroom craze; rummaging in the forest and the insanity that takes over a person during the harvest season. It deals with human visual experiences, shapes that fill the landscape, and what a person pays attention to when he is in the forest in the grip of mushroom madness. What shapes are repeated? What is essential? The sculptures of the installation repeat these forms in wood and metal, as well in the painting.”


Installation on left:
Metsä, Spray on linen, 2022
Häilyvä vesikasvi, Brass, 2022
Tatti, Copper and wood, 2022
Iso tatti, Copper and wood, 2022
Korkea tatti, Copper and wood, 2022

Pullotettu kukka, 2022
mountain pine, spray paint
Mänty, 2022
mountain pine, spray paint
Pullotettu ohdake, 2022
mountain pine, spray paint
Ikuinen tihku, 2022
paper, spray paint

Sukupolvet, 2022, Spray and oil pastel on linen


‘Minä se kannan tätä maisemaa sisälläni aina’

Spring 2022
Exhibition at Mältinranta Art Centre, Tampere, Finland

Not belonging, not belonging to a place, time, or culture. History and heritage, its loss and rediscovery. 

The installation showcases a postpartum landscape of my childhood in Southern Finland. The landscape showcases the spring, when roots of tulips are stronger than the flowers, they hold the flower upright and provide a stable base. The bridge sculptures, made of concrete and metal, make this bridge with past and present visible.

The name of the exhibition and installation goes back to the play ‘Sirius’ guests’ (1984) written by Arto Meller.

Muinainen eukko, rusted steel, 2022
Niukin naukin, steel and spray, 2022 (In private collection Italy)
Jäänne II, stainless steel and concrete, 2022
Linna, steel, paint and concrete, 2022
Juuri ja juuri, steel, 2022
Ikuinen, rusted steel, 2022

On the wall:
Usva, 150×110 cm, spray on linen, 2022
Usva II, 150×110 cm, spray on linen, 2022

Above: Kruunu, veneer and spray, 2022
Left: Silta, steel, concrete and spray, 2022
Horros, steel and spray, 2022
Iskä, steel and concrete, 2022
Jäänne I, stainless steel, concrete, 2022
On the wall:
Pullotettu, veneer and spray, 2022

Details of: Linna, 2022 and Ikuinen, 2022


Perintö, aluminium and concrete, 2021
Pieni perintö, aluminium and concrete, 2021


Spring 2021
Pop-up exhibition, Imberg, Salzburg, Austria


Often in my work the colors and movement within the shapes tell separate stories, depending on which shape the viewer focuses on.  Paintings combine tension and the impression of depth with the surfaces of acrylic paint and lime paint. Matte lime paint and thinner acrylic paint create deposits on surfaces. This reinforces the difference between the two spaces in the work: one that is painted intuitively and the second, painted afterwards very carefully covering layers. The study of negative space and form is the final part of the painting, which is an identifiable factor in the works. Surfaces are hidden from the viewer but clues are consciously left behind.

Golden Salzburg, 160×200 cm, Limestone paint and acrylic paint, 2021

Above: Divine Feminine II, limestone paint and acrylic paint, 2021

‘Salzburg Summer Academy 2020 – Group exhibition’

Fall 2020
Salzburg Festspiel, Salzburg, Austria