Do an outdoors excursion

This exercise is super fun with kids too! Go outside and pick at least 5 different leaves or flowers with you. Remember that some plants might be poisonous or protected, so remember to wash your hands after! If you just pick a part of plant it won’t harm the nature. Take these with you and if you are not planning to paint straight away put them under a book.

Paint and Research

Paint these leaves or flowers now looking closely details of the plant. Example shape of the leaf, what colour veins are, how the leaf is structured.

After your small paintings are done, research (Google or Picture This app)  plant name. I used the app and it found all my leafs and flowers, but you might be able to find plants with research words too. This was really interesting for me too since some of the names in english were surprising to me.

I also added the place of collection to the page and the dates.

Kids love to learn plant names and also stories behind the names, it’s also good practise to look closely shapes!

Have a sunny day and enjoy nature!

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