Day 15 – Assignment

One Day Mood Tracker

First, decide four times when you would have a few minutes to draw yourself. My times are at 8.00 / 14.00 / 18.00 / 21.00.

Keep your journal page next to you and once your time, draw or paint yourself reflecting your mood. Changing features tell a lot about you and your mood. Eyes, mouth, even you can modify the shape of your head. I noticed also the change of my hair.

I recommend you to add the date on this piece too, If you feel like this is better mood tracker than the previous one you could start to use this more in your daily life.

Thank you for joining this workshop. Your support means a lot!

If you want to be part of the community join Facebook group or post your work to instagram and tag @veera.noir and use #artwithveerak