Day 16 – Assignment

Paint or draw your memory, try to include at least one face!

Make a scene from your day. Think what expression and mood you had at the time. Was it a phone call to someone important or a moment with your loved one. Even small things matter!

Journaling is not about masterpieces.

Don't stress yourself about the quality of work with Journaling. Concentrate more on documenting things and doing this solely for yourself. Look back all the pretty pages you've made, it's amazing outcome in such a short time!

My Day.

Today I went to visit my friend who lives close to me, we talked a good 10 minutes yelling across the road. That was funny and described the times we are living in isolation.

In case you get inspiration from some of your Journaling pieces, you can keep on developing it further! Thank you for documenting your day again and have a great weekend!

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