DAY 2 – Assignment

First step.

Go to your wardrobe and find your favourite dress, shirt, pants or even scarf that has any pattern! Remember, even simple stripes are counted as an pattern. Wear this pretty thing on you today, take a picnic on your balcony or have an afternoon tea wearing your favourite piece of clothing.

Second step.

Open the first page of your journal and try to copy this pattern throughout the page. Do not colour pattern! Only draw the outlines. Put a tracker qualities on the side, top or to end of the page. I would recommend following values:
• Happy, Productive, Refreshed
• Relaxed, Calm, Content
• Stressed, Nervous, Tired
• Sad, Angry, Lonely

This will help you to define your current state and reflect back.

Third step.

Pick 4 colours to reflect your pattern. Fill squares with these colours. Then everyday after you have made that day´s Art session colour one shape, starting from the top, with your current mood colour. Also you can make a small note on your page with date if you want to.

Why to track your mood?

1. By using a mood diary you can monitor the patterns in your life and notice early warning signs that your health is deteriorating.

2. A mood diary can help you to find the small things, as well as the big, that help you to stay well.

3. The purpose of a mood diary should be to plan for wellness, not just keep a record of illness.

4. A mood diary can help you to have more involvement in your health and a sense of control. In general people achieve better health outcomes when they educate themselves and are proactive about their health.

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