Day 20 – Assignment

Dreaming of.

This is the fifth week of isolation. I am pretty sure that all of you have started to reflect your feelings. Maybe you have made decisions of your future. How you want to live in the future, where and with whom?

My realisation was that I really miss elements of my home country Finland, while at the same time I really love this country and people around me. I came with a dream of owning a cottage, actually I have to say that I have had that dream for a while, but it became something much more important for me. Btw. did you know that every sixth person in Finland owns a cottage, so it’s really part of our being.

As you might guess, today’s assignment is to do a collage piece of your realisation. Remember, it can be very simple, abstract or complicated.

Vision Board

Some of you might have heard of Vision boards, it was extremely popular self help artistic method some 10 years ago. If you enjoyed this exercise and are interested to read a bit more of it here’s pretty good blog post by Christine Kane.

This week was one of my favourites!
How did you like it? Would love to hear feedback.

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