Day 24 – Assignment

A view made of lines

Go to balcony or any other spot at your home (or even outside) where you normally don’t spent time. Draw or paint the scene only using lines.

Look overall image first and after that details

Look closely how this scene could be told in lines. In my piece I started with the strong door frame and after that felt that the floor chevron pattern is important part of the view. Sometimes your own feelings and preferences can be more important to us that what we see.

I used this technique when I was creating window art pieces to BusinessAsema (translated. BusinessStation) for a new start-up hub located in Finland.

Patterns on the windows are made out of real life items, such as lotus root, ant warren etc.

If you want to be part of the community join Facebook group or post your work to instagram and tag @veera.noir and use #artwithveerak