Day 3 – Assignment

Draw a moment.

How did you feel when wearing your favourite piece of clothing yesterday?
It’s great sometimes to be happy and value things we have, not just to concentrate to thing we don’t have.

Today’s assignment is to paint, draw or do a mixed media piece where you are wearing the clothing as part of your day.

I did paint myself in my dress recording the material for my online course. I tried to capture my emotion of achievement and on a background I painted items that I used to do this, like my phone, brushes and colour tubes. To the side of it I wrote little bit of my day and how I have felt of doing something totally new.

Some tips to start.

You can use the whole spread, only one page or just a part of the page and add written journaling to it as well. Just do what feels most natural for you. Some people are more comfortable when you can write down feelings, so create a journal that says YOU!

If you want to be part of the community join Facebook group or post your work to instagram and tag @veera.noir and use #artwithveerak