Day 4 – Assignment

Let's make your Happy Pattern!

Since this week’s theme was pattern making, on the last Pattern day we will create a pattern for you. Now, From your ´moment´painting, analyze the image. You can even write down, what did you have in that image? I had acrylic painting tubes, brushes, cell phone, my face, hair, my dress with pattern on it etc..

Once you have analyzed your photo, you can start to think what element would make a nice pattern. In my pattern I have taken red and blue elements from my dress pattern + acrylic paint tubes and brushes.

When you create your pattern you can think if you could overlay things, like I did draw part of the things with ink pens and other things with watercolour to mix these different things together.

Make your Happy Pattern be part of your day.

This pattern combines a lot of nice things, such as your favourite piece of clothing, things you’ve done and your artistic voice. That’s three very powerful things, that’s why I would love you to take a photo (with your phone) of your work and set it up as your wallpaper (mobile phone). There might be some magic everytime you look at your phone.

Thank you for painting again and tomorrow we will have a whole new theme!
Special thanks to everyone who shared their work in our Facebook group, great to reflect our feelings.

If you want to be part of the community join Facebook group or post your work to instagram and tag @veera.noir and use #artwithveerak