Journaling in history and inspiration for this workshop.

I made this list for you of my research for this course. As you might understand, there's a many more who could be added to this list, but these characters and personalities were most interesting for myself. You can revisit these links and articles during this workshop and I might even add more things here during this workshop!

Interesting fact of Dali’s journals; he obsessively monitored his spending.
Images of Salvador Dali’s unpublished journal

Very depth interview with Dali, also includes the quote of expressing yourself.
Salvador Dali interview

Victor Alfred Lundy documented his reality in Second World War.
Victor Alfred Lundy’s Art Journal

How to understand someone deeper by looking into their diary.
Frida Kahlo Journals

Vincent Van Gogh’s sketch journal found.
Vice News of Van Gogh’s journal

Leonardo da Vinci’s obsession to keep sketch journals.
Study to Leonardo da Vinci

Amazing collection of Darwin’s nature drawings. Could spend days in this database.
Database of Darwin’s Drawings

Modern day artists follow.
Dina Brodsky’s beautiful travel journals

Very inspiring journal for me. Simple and colourful!
Design Love Fest post