Spring 2021 // Imberg, Salzburg, Austria

Often in my work the colors and movement within the shapes tell separate stories, depending on which shape the viewer focuses on.  Paintings combine tension and the impression of depth with the surfaces of acrylic paint and lime paint. Matte lime paint and thinner acrylic paint create deposits on surfaces. This reinforces the difference between the two spaces in the work: one that is painted intuitively and the second, painted afterwards very carefully covering layers. The study of negative space and form is the final part of the painting, which is an identifiable factor in the works. Surfaces are hidden from the viewer but clues are consciously left behind.

‘Salzburg Summer Academy 2020 - Group exhibition’

Fall 2020
Salzburg Festspiel, Salzburg, Austria


Oulu, Finland
Lassi Karvonen

Ketojen kaipaus
‘Missing meadows’

Oulu, Finland
Images: Kaisa Lenkkeri, Veera Komulainen

Parveke Unelmia
‘Balcony dreams’

Mellunmäki Metro Station, Helsinki, Finland
Images: Esa Hiltunen

Magazine illustrations
‘Metsälehti Makasiini’

Images: Veera Komulainen

Book ‘Nietos – a journey in Lapland’ 2015
Self Published, written by Noora Vaarala

‘Aivojen kapasiteetti’ 2014
Mural, Oulu, Finland

Images: Veera Komulainen & Esa Hiltunen

‘Siunattu yksinäisyys’ 2014
Exhibited at Design Valkea, Oulu, Finland

Images: Veera Komulainen

Group exhibition ‘The last match’ 2013
The largest small exhibition, Urban culture centre Kino Šiška Ljubljana, Slovakia