Art education for grades 6, 7, 8 and 9. Held in Rovaniemi, Finland. Based on current curriculum.

The Goal
My goal is to introduce different ways of creating art as well as inspire kids and teens to express themselves through art.  Today’s work environment pushes us to be more creative and this why art has more important role in a primary school than ever.

Sample Project – My own book
With 6th grade we did My own book-project. First we made covers using collage technique, then glued the cover design to cardboard. We chose wallpaper that fits to the cover design. Got to know about book binding and used Japanese bookbinding technique to bind the book together. On a last session we talked about the designs together.

Groups and Techniques
The normal class size in Finland is 20-30 students with one teacher. Some classes can have also one assistant teacher to help kids with special needs. Techniques I have teached in Primary school include aquarelle, clay techniques, wax colours, book binding, collage and building ecological statues.