DAY 11 – Assignment

What is growing?

I myself love plants! And what better time to take a closer look of plants than spring. Everything’s blooming, leaves are so fresh green and you want to spend more and more time outdoors. This is perfect time also track these changes and mark then down to your Journal.

Some of you might have balconies and some of you might even have gardens, and there’s endless resources for this assignment!


Choose one plant you have in your home (balcony + garden included) and draw or paint your plant. Start with sketching the pot and then draw branches and lastly the leaves. Remember to add some details (veins, patterns of the pot etc.).

I today decided to paint my Paper plant, since I changed its soil yesterday. I researched how to take better care of it, so I wrote those instructions down and I also later added some thoughts of today. If I would have any garden plants I would start to track down their growth.

If you want to be part of the community join Facebook group or post your work to instagram and tag @veera.noir and use #artwithveerak